10 Frequent laptop repair issues

The 10 most common faults that cause your laptop computer to stop working.

10 Most Frequent Laptop Repair Issues (And How to Fix Them)

“Please restart your laptop” is the most common advice you get when you face laptop related issues.

While it is worth a try, our ability to fix laptop issues has not evolved beyond restarting. Of course, there are Google advised home remedies to help, but awareness of type of issue can save a lot of effort and time. Issues can be software related or hardware related.

Let us look at the most frequently occurring laptop issues.

1. The sound isn’t working

This could be mic or speaker related. Once you have checked the mute button and volume levels, see if the problem persists. The issue with the sound of the laptop, either input or output, needs the attention of a laptop repair specialist.

2. My screen has frozen

Sometimes just a simple act of restating the system can solve this problem. That said, persistent freezing of your laptop can hinder your work and can be due to many underlying issues.

This could be because of some application causing the freeze or hardware related, for example, a failing hard drive or faulty memory.

3. Application not opening or is showing an error message

There are many solutions online to address this issue like reinstalling or closing the application, but if it doesn’t work it could have multiple reasons like a virus or corrupt windows files on your system.

Even after trying out simple methods to repair this type of error, if the issue is not fixed, consult a repair expert.

4. The laptop isn’t turning on

When your laptop doesn’t show any sign of life, it is concerning. It could be because the charger is not supplying sufficient voltage to charge the battery or the DC input (Jack ) has been damaged on your motherboard, this type of fault should be left to the professionals as it requires the removal of the motherboard for repair.

5. Frequent restarting

It can be annoying when your system restarts in the middle of work. Frequent restarting can be caused by many different hardware problems or corrupt windows system files and this type of fault will require the attention of a repair expert.

6. Laptop makes sound

Have you observed persistent and unusual sound from your laptop when it’s running? Everything seems to be fine and working, but the rattling noise is an indication that there’s a laptop repair problem that needs to be fixed.

This problem is normally a sign that one of your hinges has been damaged and the plastic mounting points have broken out. These loose parts will eventually end up getting stuck in the fan causing your laptop to shut down.

When you hear strange noises that should not be there, it’s always good to get it checked by a professional repair company.

7. Heating problem

No matter how cool the external temperature is, your laptop can heat up because of internal issues. The most common fault is the build-up of lint in the fans which causes the laptop to run hot, another problem can be the silicone paste used to transfer heat from the CPU and GPU tends to dry up after a few years and this contributes to the overheating problem. Most laptops have a safety temperature of 105 degrees before auto shutting down the laptop.

Constant exposure to heat can cause permanent damage to your laptop parts and hence needs early fixing.

8. Spills

It is not uncommon to spill water, coffee, juice on your laptop. We usually place our laptops on dining or coffee tables or enjoy a cup of steaming coffee while working.

Accidents happen but what can you do about it? A liquid can damage the keys or motherboard of your laptop.
The best thing to do is put the laptop upside down for a liquid to seep out and clean the laptop with a dry cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible. Look up online for some DIY remedies, but the best solution is to visit a laptop repair specialist and get your system checked.

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9. Battery issues

You will find your laptop not getting charged or charging slowly because of old batteries or faulty charging hardware. A very common error message here is “PLUGGED IN NOT CHARGING” and this error can be due to a windows error or a failing battery.

If you look at the bottom right-hand corner and look for a battery icon, Highlighting the battery should tell you the status of the battery. Please check the power supply socket before concluding that it’s an issue with battery or hardware. You’ll need to replace the battery for older laptops, but a repair consultant needs to have a look at the issue.

10. Some keys are not working

Have there been times when you are typing and some letters don’t work? This problem is not related to dust but rather a keyboard that is starting to fail. To check this plug in a USB keyboard and make sure it is the keyboard at fault and not the motherboard.

If the problem persists, then the laptop needs to be checked by an expert.


Your ability to repair your laptop issues can evolve with online advice and videos. There is a lot of information out there. Make use of it but if you are not confident, approach a reliable laptop repair consultant. Seeking help from the right specialist can save a lot of your time and money.

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